Paul J. Sturmer, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist

12 Waterboro Rd
Alfred, Maine
I received my masters degree in counseling from Ball State University in 1993. I received my doctorate in counseling psychology from The University at Albany, SUNY, in 1999. I have been working as a psychologist in Maine since 2000. My service area is Southern Maine, mostly York and Cumberland Counties. My practice is close to Sanford and Southern Maine Health Center practices.

Psychotherapy varies depending on your personality and the particular needs you bring to treatment. My overall orientation is cognitive-behavioral in nature meaning that we will mostly work on emotional understanding, acceptance, and coping skills. Whenever possible, I will base your treatment on established evidence-based treatment protocols and will discuss these with you.

Regarding my interpersonal style, I strive to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment for clients to work on their problems. I create an atmosphere that is relaxed and like to mix humor in when appropriate. I encourage my clients to express feelings and needs about their treatment so we can make changes to enhance treatment.

During our first one to two sessions, I will evaluate your needs, offer my impression of what our work will include, and recomend a treatment plan if you decide to continue with therapy.